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For a web site to be successful, it is paramount that content remains fresh with interesting information and news articles.

Web sites that remain static are unlikely to attract return visitors. Caboodle have developed a complete content management system (CMS) that is easy to use and allows you to have total control of your web site including the content, images, menu options, downloads and forms for example.

Content Management Systems tend to be difficult to use, but like all Caboodle products, the emphasis has clearly been put on usability but retain the flexibility to have full control of your web site. All web sites developed by Caboodle have CMS integrated. 

We can also integrate our CMS with your web site, even if another web company designed it.

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The web sites are second to none and the overall package that Caboodle offers is ideal for the likes of Life who are looking for responsive, professional web design combined with marketing solutions that make web marketing efficient and effective. 

Jackie Balboni
Life Health and Fitness


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